Handyman Services

When it comes to Bethany Life’s at home care services, comfort, safety, and convenience are of utmost importance. Hundreds of central Iowans opt to utilize Bethany at Home’s wide range of services to help them stay independent in their own home. Beyond personal care and medical support, there is another Bethany at Home service that plays a crucial role in a comfortable, safe living environment: handyman services.

Bethany at Home understands the importance of a well-maintained living environment for our clients. Our handyman experts are committed to enhancing the quality of life for our clients by providing home modifications, repairs, maintenance, safety assessments, and assistance with home projects. Our skilled handyman experts are well trained and extremely adept at making necessary repairs to ensure a safe and accessible living environment.

The inclusion of handyman services at Bethany at Home is intentional. Founded nearly 15 years ago, our employees truly know what it takes to keep an individual living in their home safely. There is no task too big or too small for our Bethany at Home employees. Whether it’s changing a lightbulb or repainting a room, our staff will have the knowledge and ability to fulfill any request. “We decided to ask for a refrigerator cleaning and also clear and clean under the sink, two of our least favorite tasks,” said longtime Bethany at Home clients Bob and Deb Anders. “Our Bethany Life helpers came and in no time it was done professionally with joy. No need to be embarrassed about asking for procrastinated tasks.”