Homemaking Services

At-home care solutions are quickly becoming a more popular option for individuals as they age. Bethany at Home can help you maintain both your independence and dignity while providing the necessary support needed to keep you in your home. The pillar of our at home care program is our homemaking services. Our homemaking services help empower individuals to retain control over their everyday lives by assisting with tasks that may pose challenges due to age, illness, or disability.

Our homemaking services offer our clients a wide array of different solutions. Among many, our Bethany at Home clients have access to cleaning, cooking, laundry, personal companion, transportation, nurse visit, medication management, and many more. “We have been pleased with the range of services we can access, ease of scheduling, and the capable and compassionate staff,” said Bethany at Home clients Ben and Sarah Buck. 

Asking for help when you know you need it is never an easy thing to accomplish. Our Bethany at Home staff understand this and show compassion in all situations, helping to build trust and relationships with the people that they are caring for. “Each and every one of our Bethany at Home staff genuinely cares about each and every one of our clients,” said Bethany at Home Manager Ashley DeMoss. “Their compassion shows as they are enhancing their client’s quality of life everyday.”