Frequently asked questions

What is Bethany at Home?

Bethany at Home is an established home healthcare program that belongs within the continuum of care offered by Bethany Life. Bethany at Home has been a trusted solution for central Iowans for over a decade. Whatever the need may be, we provide our clients with a wide array of solutions.

A common misconception about Bethany at Home is that it is intended only for seniors, this is not true. While many of the people that utilize the solutions offered by Bethany at Home are seniors, our services are available to anyone of any age, there are no limitations or restrictions. The wide umbrella of solutions offered by Bethany at Home can be sorted into four main categories: health and support solutions, home solutions, wellness solutions, and technology solutions. See a breakdown of what exactly is available with each solution below.

Health and Support Solutions
  • Personal Companion
  • Homemaker Services
    • Cleaning, cooking, Laundry
  • Transportation
  • Shopping/Delivery Services
  • Nurse Visit/Medication Management
Home Solutions
  • Home safety inspection
  • Handyman Services
  • Snow Removal
  • Lawn Care
  • Landscaping
Wellness Solutions
  • Educational Classes
  • Dietician/Nutritional Consult
  • Interactive Health Partner
    • Personal Trainer
    • Senior Health Assessment
    • Fall Prevention Class
Technology Solutions
  • Personal Emergency
  • Response System
  • IT Support
    • Internet issues
    • Computer problems
    • Tech Lessons

The costs associated with any of the solutions offered by Bethany at Home are accrued by the hour, with a two hour minimum requirement for each visit. Each hour of health and support solutions are $36, home solutions are $60, and wellness and technology solutions are $65. Bethany at Home has a 30 mile service area surrounding Ames, Iowa. Should you live outside of this service area and choose to utilize Bethany at Home’s services, pricing is subject to change. At this time, Bethany at Home is private pay only and does not accept any forms of Medicare/Medicaid.

Services can be scheduled as needed. However, if you know you will be needing Bethany at Home to come to you, the sooner the better. Depending on the time of year and solution, availability can fill up quickly and scheduling can be difficult. If a service request is made two weeks in advance we can almost guarantee that you will get the requested time and day. Bethany at Home also offers recurring scheduling. If you know you will need services that are repeated like lawn care or laundry you can schedule them out in advance. Services are available to be scheduled during Bethany at Home’s standard business hours which are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.

 Bethany at Home has many clients take advantage of our services that already have an existing long term care insurance plan. In most cases, you will pay the cost directly to us, Bethany at Home, and your provider will reimburse you.