Environmental Services

Handyman blowing leaves in front of a Bethany Life communities truck

Bethany at Home’s array of services aims to take a holistic approach in supporting its clients. In addition to handyman and homemaking services, our staff also offers a variety of environmental services to help maintain our clients independence. While personal care or maintenance services are important, we acknowledge that it can take more than that to truly fulfill our clients needs. 

The employees at Bethany at Home are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to keep our clients in their home. Our staff is here to assist with things like lawn care, snow removal, landscaping, and hanging christmas lights.

Bethany at Home Environmental Services Lead Jeremy Long has been with Bethany Life for just over six years now and has the background and experience to fulfill any environmental services request. “He is consistently knowledgeable about any household project for which I have sought his advice. He always works hard and tackles every project thoughtfully, keeping safety in mind.” said an anonymous Bethany at Home client.